Contact Lens Cleaner

Cleaner is used for cleaning contact lenses of any type of material. This solution improves the comfort for contact lens wearers who feel discomfort due to loosely bound protein. By simply dropping three drops of Cleaner on the lens surface and then rubbing the lens loosely, the bound protein is removed. This is due to the lipid and protein loosening actions of the biocompatible tenside poloxamine.

The product is available in a 30 ml bottle.

Cleaner is a sterile isotonic solution containing:

  • Borate buffer
  • Disodium EDTA
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Viscosity agent
  • Active ingredients: sorbic acid 0.25%, poloxamine 1.5%

Does not contain Thiomersal

The bottle must be discarded after it has been opened for 3 months.

Some contact lens wearers might also find a need for relief of discomfort by wetting and lubricating the contact lenses while wearing them. In those cases, our preservative free eye drop Add1 is the perfect complement.


Consol Lens Cleaner 30ml bottle