Daysoft disposable contact lenses come with a high degree of comfort and easy handling thanks to Soft Edge™ design technology. It also incorporates a UV filter to block damaging UVA and UVB light. The lenses are innovatively packaged in Ultra-slim packs of 32 or 96 lenses each.

Consol offers this product to retailers in Finland, Norway and Sweden.

For increased comfort in dry conditions
daysoft® with 58% water content

  • Easy opening and removal with ONE-TOUCH™
  • Wide range of powers
  • SILK® comfort
  • UV filter
  • Prompt delivery from stock in Sweden


Water content
Powers + 8.00 to -12.50 dpt
Radius 8.60 mm
Diameter 14.20 mm
Centre Thickness 0,110 mm @ -3.00 D
Material Filcon ll 2 (non-ionised)
UV filter Yes
VHT Yes(light blue)
Pack sizes 32-pack and 96-pack
Dk (Fatt) 26

Some contact lens wearers might also find a need for relief of discomfort by wetting and lubricating the contact lenses while wearing them. In those cases, our preservative free eye drop Add1 is the perfect complement.

Daysoft 96-pack